CDR Robert H. Eastman III / NorShaft Energy Committee

Serving North Bennington & Shaftsbury, Vermont

(In honor of late Shaftsbury resident, CDR Robert H. Eastman III, who served his country, his wife, family, and friends, and who made a positive difference in the lives of others, we have named our Energy Committee after Rob.)


We're so glad you're here. We are an advisory committee made up of residents of North Bennington and Shaftsbury, Vermont - as well as other towns - that are interested in our Mission which is listed below.

We are here to share information with you so you can save money on energy, learn about valuable resources and connect to your community in an effort to become more energy efficient.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the CDR Robert H. Eastman III Energy Committee, Serving North Bennington and Shaftsbury is to promote energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the use of energy resources among our neighbors, businesses and town municipal properties.

We will serve as a source for information about available renewable and efficient energy methods and systems that are cost-effective affordable investments. Through our activities, we will strive to meet the challenges of climate change by our commitment to the energy goals for our region and state.

Would you like to learn about upcoming events, ways to save money on energy bills, news, helpful information and more?

Vermont's Renewable Energy Pledge

Many towns in Vermont have pledged to become 90% renewable energy dependent by the year 2050. We are here to help make that promise a reality for the state and its citizens for current and future generations. And...

We want to help you save money while we save the earth.


Look around our website and be sure to visit the Projects and Resources Pages. And contact us with any questions!

CDR Robert H. Eastman III / NorShaft Energy Committee

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Remembering CDR Robert. H Eastman III